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St. Louis Officials Assn (SLOA) and STLSTRIPESLLC are partnering to provide new training programs and Media Updates for those STLSTRIPESLLC (C4, CNR and FOX League) officials who wish to improve their skills and work toward better officiating assignments. After numerous meetings and discussions we feel we have created some valuable programs. Included in our plans is a NEW custom designed STLSTRIPESLLC ODP (Officials Development Program) that has been proven over many years and is headed by our ODP Leader Greg Stoulp. Details for this program will follow in the next Update. 


About St. Louis Officials

St. Louis Officials (SLOA) is a Non-Profit Association of Basketball, Football and Volleyball Officials committed to ongoing training by providing Meetings, Media and Events tailored to skill development. Officials who wish to improve their "craft" are welcome to join and participate. SLOA is open to all Officials including Student Memberships by visiting our website at


. but I am already a SLOA Member

If you are a SLOA Member you already know about our programs and association. If you wish, you can opt out of these STLSTRIPESLLC program/update emails.


Am I required to join SLOA to participate?

You are not required to join SLOA to participate. While we hope you will join and get the full benefits of membership, joining is completely optional. 


If You Do Not Wish to Receive Program/Update Information

If you no longer desire to receive emails like this one, please unsubscribe below. We do not wish to bother you and only wish to assist those who sincerely want to work to improve their skills. 


Thank you for your time!

We know you are very busy and thank you for your time. SLOA and STLSTRIPESLLC will work hard to provide valuable information and training programs in full awareness that everyone is busy. In the days/weeks and months to come, we will try to provide you stuff with this in mind. Also, take a second to send us feedback so we are more targeted and efficient.

Respectfully, Bill Reitz & Dave Fuchs

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