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As the first week of the Summer Season and the Second week begins I would like to make a couple of announcements .


  1. As many of you know, Dave Sweet has joined STLSTRIPES as an assignor.  The volume of games has become too much for me to handle alone.  It's  been difficult to keep up with the all the emails, text messages and phone calls, and I apologize for the poor communication.  With this new partnership, communication delays and scheduling issues should now be minimized. 
  2. Effective immediately, please direct all correspondence with regards to your schedule, games needing to be declined or any other needs to  Emails sent to my personal account or will not be answered. 
  3. Our policy has now changed with regards to accepting/declining games.  In the past officials have had up until game day to accept or decline games which in some cases caused issues.   We are now giving officials 48 hours to either accept or decline games.  After 48 hours we will begin working on finding a replacement.  As always, if you need to decline games, we expect officials to follow up with us via email as why you are declining games.  Failure to do so, will result in future assignments being withheld and any officials fees due to you being held until we receive a response.
  4. Game Reports.  I know that there were several ejections and technical fouls that were handed out last week and as of this email I have not received reports.  Last year, CNR instituted a Code of Conduct that all players, coaches and fans must sign to participate in the league.  The Code of Conduct was put into place in response to feedback from the officials as a support mechanism to hold the participants accountable for their behavior.  Without these reports, the CNR Administrators can not enforce these policies.  To make this simple, if officials can not take the time to complete game reports, there is nothing the CNR League to can do to eliminate poor behavior.  So, basically, it's up to you, if you want to be part of the solution, please complete the reports.  If not, the CNR Administrators will eliminate the Code of Conduct .
  5. Referrals.  I appreciate all the referrals that you provide.  In order to eliminate a step in the process, please direct all referrals to  On the left hand side of the page there is a button "Become Part of our Staff" .  Once the individual clicks on the button, it will take them to a form to complete.  Once complete, the information is sent directly to me so I can contact them.   This gives me all the information that I need to contact them and add them in the system.
  6. Over the last several years there has been an influx of new officials to the organization; however, I have done a very poor job of training and preparing officials to move from officiating youth level basketball to high school basketball.  Over the last several weeks I have met with Greg Stoulp, Dave Fuchs and Mark Probst regarding the implementation of an Officials Development Program, with the simple goal of improving the quality of officiating in the St. Louis Area.  I have not yet met with the IAABO ODP Program facilitators, but plan on doing so within the next several weeks.  We'll be using the Summer CNR League games as a means of identifying candidates for the program.  The framework of the program is still being put together and will be implemented in the Fall.  A more detailed email will be sent as the framework of the program is finalized; however, at this point I can tell you, that our program will work in conjunction with the SLOA Officials Development Program, and hopefully also with the IAABO ODP Program.  In the mean time, for those who are interested in the SLOA ODP Program, I have contacted Dave Fuchs, SLOA Secretary, and have asked him to send a mass email to all officials on the roster regarding the program.    


Thanks for taking the time to read though this.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.






·         Here is a Sample Technical Update - Adding ASSIGNR Calender

·    This a recent Technical Update sent to SLOA members but should be valuable to all STLSTRIPESLLC Officials outlining adding ASSIGNR Games to your Calendar or Phone








Now open your Calendar app and the Assignr Calendar should appear in the list of calendars under "subscriptions". Here you can change color (default is orange) and turn on/off alerts. You are Finished!

For Google Master (like the diagram below) instead add this calendar to your google Master calendar (or Desktop Ical). repeat the login: 

From the main menu 
Select=> Games, 
Then=> My Games
Then=> Personal iCalender, a drop down appears
Then=> Subscribe (A subscription menu appears) before you subscribe or cancel, COPY THE URL. Then Subscribe in you wish or cancel.

Now open your Google account, and open your calendar. From your Master Calendar

Select Other Calendars Down Arrow Button, and "Add by URL

Now paste the URL you copied into the box and click Add Calendar. Your future games should show and you are Done.

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